Over the past 25 years, Horse Service International has specialised in transporting horses to every conceivable national, international and intercontinental destination. Horse trading has been a global business for years. However, anyone who buys a horse in the United States and wants to take it to Spain, for instance, will find out quickly that this is not to be arranged in a few minutes. The reason for this is that every country has its own laws and regulations with respect to health certificates, quarantine obligations and customs formalities. Horse owners are confronted with numerous import, export and transit regulations - a veritable 'jungle' of rules in which one can easily lose one's way. HSI helps horses and their owners find their way through this jungle.

The professional HSI organisation has a global reach. The company is a member of the Animal Air Transportation Association (AATA) and maintains close links with the EU Veterinary Committee in Brussels and the Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) in The Hague. Horse Service International transports horses to and from the United States, Canada, Japan, the People's Republic of China, Dubai, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Cuba, with minimum effort on the part of the owners. In many cases, a single phone call to our offices in Meterik is all it takes.